How to Order

1. Email your information (name, address, size of artwork, medium, subject) and a jpeg attachment of your image to work from. Please include any additional information including desired changes, etc, with your image(s). It is very important to provide the best image(s) possible in order to create an accurate drawing or painting.
2. After I receive your information and image(s), I will email you to let you know if I can use the image(s) provided, verify exactly what you want, give you a time frame of completion, and send you an invoice.. I only require a 30% down payment at this time. I accept payment through PayPal.
3. The actual time to delivery mostly relies on any changes you may request after the artwork is completed. The average time to complete your artwork is 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity. The painted ornaments average 2 weeks for completion.
4. Once down payment is received, I will then begin your artwork.
5. When your artwork is finished, I will email an attachment where you can view your artwork for approval before shipment.
6. Once the artwork is approved by you, I will collect the remaining balance from you.
7. Once payment in full is received, the artwork will be shipped via ground UPS or USPS.

It is my goal that all of my clients will be happy with their custom artwork: and since unfulfilled expectations lead to disappointment, it is necessary to agree to some terms to help define expectations and minimize disappointment.
*I reserve the right to refuse to paint any image for any reason.
*I will make my best effort to provide you with the image you desire. Keep in mind, however, that this is hand created art, and not photography or digital manipulation. Therefore there will be variations. (Be assured that I will use every means, to get a proper likeness of the subject matter.)
*If an image that you want me to paint is copyrighted, I will either need a signed letter from the copyright holder granting us permission to use the work for your painting.
*No prints of your completed artwork will be made for sale or other profit. In return for this consideration, none of our paintings or images can be copied or reproduced by any means in any form without written permission from myself, Susan Lynch.
*I do reserve the right to use copies, prints, photographs and/or other reproductions of all artwork I produce for marketing purposes, including but not limited to posting on this website, brochures, posters, and other marketing venues.
*Any artwork that is not approved or purchased become the property of Susan Lynch Art and I reserve the right to sell, copy, make prints, and/or reproduce such artwork by any means, in any form, for any purpose.